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Early adopters, this is your exclusive place to find insider Metacycle details and immediate access to shipping timelines. Check back often for the latest news and announcements concerning the first edition, SONDORS Metacycle.


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We are thrilled to announce that in honor of you, our early adopters, your Metacycle will now feature the signature of our Founder, Storm Sondors.


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Production of the first 2,000 units will be completed by April, with shipping to customers in the U.S. estimated to begin by June, 2022.*


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Our expert, fully-trained delivery team will handle your Metacycle with extreme care and consideration. Deliveries are made seven days a week and on holidays.

Your Metacycle will arrive completely assembled and ready to ride.

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Disclaimer: Your location must be able to accept an 80-foot customized tractor trailer. We are unable to enter military installations, ports, gated communities, cul-de-sacs, and dead-ends and cannot travel down dirt or gravel roads. Our drivers will make the final decision on safety and may need to make alternate delivery or pick up options. As such, ensure that the pick-up contact can move your Metacycle to an alternate location if necessary.


Frequently Asked

What does “White Glove Delivery” entail?
White glove delivery means that you will receive your Metacycle fully-assembled and ready to ride. (It is recommended that you charge the battery fully and completely familiarize yourself with their Metacycle before riding)
Does Metacycle require a motorcycle license, registration and insurance?
Yes. Metacycle is a Department of Transportation approved street vehicle, and it will have a VIN. Your Metacycle will arrive with a Manufacturer's Statement of Origin and the necessary documents for registration with your local government. Riders will also be required to have a motorcycle license and proper insurance coverage.
Why have there been so many changes to Metacycle since the initial unveiling?
The majority of changes are mandatory, and made in order to pass homologation. Homologation is the process of making vehicles street legal and in compliance with Department of Transportation qualifications for safety, lighting, emissions, etc. This includes essential reflectors, rear fender, larger tail lamp and turn signals. These are all necessary requirements for motorcycles to be sold and ridden legally in the United States.
Why was the seat changed?
It was decided to provide riders with a thicker seat for a more comfortable riding experience. Therefore the seat was redesigned to accommodate this purpose.
Important note: the seat revealed at the LA Autoshow is not the final production seat. However, the correct seat will arrive later this month and be installed on Metacycle for an updated release.
Why was the rear brake caliper moved?
The original position was found to be impractical. It looked great, however it hindered the brake functionality.
What is the exposed cable on the rear of Metacycle, and why is it orange?
The exposed cable is the main power and sensor cable driving the hub motor. It is actually several cables in a bundle. The orange color is mandated by law as the cable carries more than 60V. All the rear cables will be better concealed on the final Metacycle. The wires will be held in a channel on the inside of the swingarm, mostly out of sight, visible only where they bridge over to the battery compartment.
Can Metacycle owners remove or replace any of the new safety components on Metacycle?
This is a common practice with many motorcycle owners. However, these components are necessary to make Metacycle fully street legal. If you choose to remove or replace them, you’ll be doing so at your own risk.
Will it be easy to replace the seat?
If a Metacycle owner prefers a different seat, the replacement would be simple. The seat itself is attached by six screws and could be removed and changed or modified without issue.
Why are there two tail lamps on the latest Metacycle?
The new tail light pod is a homologation requirement in order for Metacycle to be DOT compliant and street legal. The original tail lamp was retained as a preferred sleek design for many Metacycle owners. If you remove the larger tail lamp, your Metacycle would no longer be “street legal” and would be for “off highway” use only. If you prefer this modification, you’ll be doing so at your own risk.
Is the rear view mirror placement universal? Will owners be able to add custom mirrors?
The mirrors are standard motorcycle size and thread. Most aftermarket mirrors should fit without issue.
Will Metacycle include a tool kit?
Yes, a tool kit is included, it features small tools like a screwdriver and wrenches to adjust the mirrors etc. It also includes security tools for the battery cover and the battery release.
Will there be a set of "crash bars" added to the accessories?
No, this is not part of the accessory plan.
When will you release the black or white color in person?
As soon as pictures are available of the finished production units.
Is the additional tail lamp easily removed?
It is very easy to remove and it can be removed without affecting the function of the other tail lamp. However this feature is required for a street legal Metacycle. Removal will be done at your own risk.
Does the original tail lamp in the frame still have the turn signal built into the led strip?
No, the light no longer has a built-in turn signal, it was not street legal and could not be retained.
Why is the exposed cable orange, and how will it look on the final production model?
The cable is required by law to be orange on an electric vehicle carrying over 60V. The cable will be better concealed and secured along a special channel on the swingarm on the final production models, although it will remain visible.
How will Metacycle repairs and service be handled?
SONDORS Metacycle will be easy to self service with a series of provided videos. SONDORS also has an in-house tech team on hand to provide troubleshooting and consultation.
Are there height recommendations for Metacycle?
Metacycle's dimensions are: 76" length, 44" height, 32" width at handlebars. It is comparable to a Husqvarna Svartpilen - 401.
Is Metacycle shipping worldwide?
Metacycle will be shipped to the contiguous U.S., Canada and Europe. We are unable to ship to Hawaii or Alaska, or E.U. island countries.
When will Metacycle be available in Europe?
It is estimated to ship sometime in 2022. It is possible to reserve Metacycle today with a $100 deposit
Here is the full list of European countries Metacycle will ship to:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Corsica, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK
Is there room on Metacycle for a second passenger?
Yes. The maximum weight limit including rider, passenger, and cargo is 400 lbs. Additionally, passenger footpegs will be available for purchase at a later date.
Are there any EV tax credits available?
Very likely, we are working on obtaining EV tax credits now.
How long does it take to charge Metacycle?
A superior compact charger is now included with Metacycle. At up to 15A/1.2 kW, it allows a complete charge from a regular U.S. home outlet in under four hours, with a typical charge to 80% in around two hours. The unit is compact (8” x 4” x 3" and about 7 pounds) for easy transport for work, play or whenever your destination requires more than one charge.
What’s the dimensions of the charging port for the phone?
6.7”L x 3.6”W x 1.25”H
Are there any discounts available for Metacycle?
Storm Sondors' personal philosophy and driving force behind SONDORS is Electric for Everyone, which means our prices are as low as they can possibly go. As such, there are no additional discounts for Metacycle.
Is it possible to ride Metacycle in the rain?
Metacycle will run safely in the rain. The motor is rated IP67 water resistant and the battery is well sealed for this purpose.
How much does the removable Metacycle battery pack weigh?
Approximately 54 lbs. with handles for carrying.
Does SONDORS have a retail location in Southern California?
No, SONDORS is a Southern California ecommerce company. We do not have any retail locations at this time.
Can the current tires be replaced with knobby ones for a dual sport ride?
We can't make recommendations for aftermarket parts.
What can be done to prevent dirt and water from getting into the holes behind the front wheel of Metacycle?
The holes provide essential ventilation.. If dirt and water gets into the holes, wiping with a clean cloth should suffice. The battery is in a sealed case so it is safe.
How much assembling will I have to do?
Your Metacycle will arrive fully assembled via SONDORS White Glove Delivery Service.
Does Metacycle come with any anti-theft security features?
Metacycle comes with a wireless key fob. You can press the lock button on the key fob to arm your Metacycle. When it’s armed, if anyone touches or moves it, a loud alarm will sound. Simply press the unlock button to disarm.
What’s the expected lifespan for Metacycle batteries?
Metacycle batteries easily last up to 4+ years and 100k+ miles.
What is the size of the engine in comparison to gas motorcycles?
Being an electric vehicle, there is no true CC measurement, however, for comparison’s sake, it is approximately 300CC.
What type of transmission does Metacycle have?
Clutchless, direct drive, single speed with electronic reverse.